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About This Project

Thank you to Sonali Mohapatra for giving me a great stay at her dance school and I finally got to meet my favourite flautist after 12-13 years in India who is also her husband. Yes, the first time I heard him play was at Istana Budaya for ‘Spellbound’ almost more then a decade ago and I thought I had heard the heavens play. His guru is Hariprasad Chaurasia who is also my favourite musician, a renowned legend in the music industry. I would say beyond legend. These are very special artistes to be treasured. I humbly bow to them.


And to Sonali Mohapatra who is one of the most talented dancers and choreographers that deserve more. She is born partially deaf but that did not stop her from dancing and her father who is a great actor, composer and singer groomed her to be an ‘abhinaya’ queen as well as her guru, Guru Durga Charan Ranbir. But her father is a silent secret treasure. I love old people because they have a wealth of knowledge that comes with experience. Sonali is a great choreographer. And I love her work.


Thank you Sonali Mohapatra and Abhiram Nanda always.



2017, Dance Exchange
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