Photography Project by Edzwan Hafidz, 2017 - KLMovement
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Photography Project by Edzwan Hafidz, 2017

About This Project

All photographs are for sale.


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This was me trying to get back on my feet after months of continuous teaching after a dance production I did in 2016. I went in front of the camera as my warm-up as I knew for me this was my best way to get going again. You can see my expression was lost and troubled and it shows and it became part of the expression, which I used to create this improvisation as Edzwan snapped away encouraging me. It was an outlet to get it out and it did. An explorative dance photography project with one of my oldest friends from art college. Thank you Edzwan for helping me shoot for my 2nd production in 2014.


I feel comfortable working with Edzwan Hafidz, Choen Lee and KimMun because they understand dance. In order to photograph Dance you need to understand the art form. I will not reveal their craft secret as respect to how they work as an artist ☺




April 2017


Kota Damansara



2016, Dance Photography
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