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JAPAN 2019

About This Project

Organiser (Agrinio): Madam Erika Akoh and Kan-Ichi Segawa

Location: Nishiarai, Japan


I just can’t get enough of Japan and the relations forged between the organisers of Japan and I, whom I am very grateful for always inviting me back to perform is always my most favourite time. This time the theatre was in Nishiarai, deeper Tokyo. The best one so far was in Atsugi but this one was still equally big and well kept with red seats where else the one in Atsugi were velvet sky blue seats. Also another local environment, which I think the organisers want me to experience Japanese life more. The roads are so narrow, that one step and you would have crossed the road and yet, the Japanese still wait for the green man to cross. It was spotlessly clean and the nearby towns by train reminded me of Singapore. My best performance so far and where I found my favourite signature dance piece to perform that clicked in me that the dance piece I did was the one I would represent myself with.


Thank you to the incredible fortress of a beautiful family for their immense dedication and hard work, Madam Erika Akoh and Kan-Ichi Segawa.


8th June 2019

Other Detail

President: Madam Erika Akoh


Nishiarai Cultural Hall, Nishiarai, Tokyo



2019, Dance Performance, Dance Workshop
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