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INDIA 2019

About This Project

Organiser: Shailly Gupta (Malaysia/Sri Lanka) & Mr. Kamal Bagla and family of Abhiyan Bharat Foundation

Special thanks to: Ashleigh of TeaBird Organic


Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

A very special talented family to run a very well managed and happy environment for underprivileged students to grow in 3 well constructed schools with amazing teachers that gave full cooperation and participation is truly something to be proud of. Sometimes words cannot express the immense kindness for really good, humble and simple people are so hard to come by and this family is it!

Please donate and support this family because they deserve it. Amen.


Institute of the Blind, Jaipur

This was a complete shock of exemplary well managed and well kept, disinfected and hygienic, clean and medically aided blind institute. I was so impressed. The beds and storage construction was modern with smart storage living all financed by Mr. Kamal Bagla with his own savings. The cleanliness was incredible. The support given to the blind to enable them to live and do things was exemplary and all should visit this Institution established since 1968.  From Braille to audio facility to staff support to the toilets to music lessons and instruments, the blind students and blind teachers here are independent, joyful and motivated. They are busy with studying and learning and show no signs of disability. The kitchen made fresh hot food in a completely clean and neat environment. The printing press is also located here where Braille books are printed and is a major supply to the region.


Must visit and please donate and support people who are progressing within their limitations to see them grow to make something greater happen. One seed of great example can become the fruit for future seeds so that they have a bigger community and family to function and live freely.





16th-24th March 2019

Other Detail

Odissi Indian Classical Dance Performance & 4 Full-day Workshop Program


Jaipur, India


Dance, Workshop

2019, Dance Performance, Dance Production
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