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My School Days Memories

My School Days Memories

1. Piano Grade 8

2. Ballet 3 times a week for higher grades Grade 8

3. Swimming MSSS only for a year

4. Rangers

5. Vice President for Choir and Rehearsal Director

6. Class Monitor for 2 years

7. Dance Club

8. Science and Math Club

9. Selected to be Marketing Director for IBM’s Young Entrepreneur Programme in secondary school

10. Taekwando (the worse thing I ever did and never finished until some colour belt and I hated sparring awful stuff)

11. When the teacher left the class to pee or went out, I would run to the front and do cartwheels to entertain my friends and they would cheer me on and clap (it was a big thing then to do a flip then I would rush back to my sit when the teacher was coming. THEN I GOT CAUGHT ONCE, I FROZE. THE TEACHER STOOD STANDING AT THE DOOR LOOKING AT ME. Then she said, can you do it again and show me. I did and then she was ok. So cool. I thought I was going to get the shits. She said good and was impressed and asked me some questions I don’t recall cause I was scared shits. Cool teacher. My parents do not know this. I don’t think they do. I never performed cartwheels in class again after that.

12. I ate my dinner in my mom’s Volvo car and change into my ballet clothes at the back on the car floor with my sister to not be seen from outside, rushing from tuition or some other activity. This was about 730pm. I was only 12 or 13 years old maybe or slightly more.

13. Netball

14. I created ‘a secret club’ where we had passwords friends had to say to enter the invisible door and we would sing songs, compose tunes, play pretend for example fold paper around a pencil at one end to curl it and when you tap on it, it would make a typewriter sound and we or rather I would pretend to be secretaries in an office rushing out important documents (in class and the teacher found this fascinating never said a thing and allowed this! She was totally fine! Watched me in awe. I was very naughty I guess), create special codes and this was a little secret society I created. This was in primary school. I don’t think my parents know. I do not know where I get these ideas to start these things. During recess or after school hours we do this for pure fun like a pack. And somehow, our parents allowed us all to stay behind to do this! I think they thought we were in school extra co-curricular activities. When really I was rounding my friends, of this secret society pack!

15. In secondary school, I started writing secret love letter notes ‘pakat’ with a friend which we leave on desks or passed them secretly in class to the designated person to match make my friends in class! My friend loved it, did some on her own. The boys were involved too.

15. I felt completely totally normal.

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