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MOVE 2021

About This Project

‘MOVE 2021’

International World Dance Day UNESCO (IWDD)

To Watch: YouTube:


Artistic Director and Creator:

Michelle Jueney of The KLMovement

Supported by The Vibes and Getaranmy


29 April


MYT 7pm

USA 7am

IND 430pm

AUS 9pm

BRD 1pm


Instagram: @iwdd_malaysia

#internationalworlddanceday #MOVE2021

 ‘MOVE’ International World Dance Day (IWDD) is my humble effort to create, connect and celebrate dance by internationally renowned top professionals and emerging talents in the performing arts dance scene in all forms of dance.


Dance and the Arts have always functioned as the heartbeat of any society. A barometer to the well-being of any nation, as well to offer a respite in challenging times. 


I would like to thank all who have joined in this unity as dancers to give yourself, your dance and art regardless of race, boundary, discipline or school for a greater need through dance.

For Artistes, The Arts and All.
Michelle Jueney            The KLMovement 

Bios of the Dancers & Choreographers

Megan Castro presents Speed ~ The quantity of movement within a specific amount of time.



Improvisation movement


Note from Artistic Director and Curator: Megan Castro is an oustanding dancer and emerging talent embarking on her dance career as a fresh graduate and young performer. With the unexpected turn of events of Covid-19, Megan started a daily dance journal on Instagram to chart her dance diary and this is one of her best moments.


Dancer: Megan Castro

Music: N/A

Video/Filming: Megan Castro



Megan Castro was raised in South Carolina, where her dance journey began. She went on to earn her BFA in contemporary dance at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. She furthered her studies abroad at the Kyoto Dance Festival in Japan and the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel.


Her passion for dance in other countries lead her to participate in various projects abroad, including her most recent work with Tanz Compagnie Gervasi in Austria. She also had the privilege to partake in Valleto Dance Company’s virtual season.

Today, Megan continues to create her own work as well as participate in collaborative projects.


Her love of improvisation movement drives her creativity, allowing her to express the joy and freedom of physical expression.



Zoe Gyssler presents Improvisation ‘Isolated Chaos’



This improvisational piece is a close-up, intimate look of Zoe Maria Olga in her private practice of her personal moments and creative exploration process. A renown, professional dancer and highly sought after choreographer and teacher, Zoe invites us to her inner space to share her Art with you. This video was done before Covid-19.


Dancer: Zoe Gyssler

Music: Order from Chaos – Max Cooper



Zoe Gyssler is a swiss / canadian choreographer, teacher and performer, living between Germany, Switzerland and Spain.After 14 years of training in gymnastics she made her dance studies at Varium in Barcelona and at the Music and Dance Academy in Jerusalem. In 2015 she received her BA in Anthropology of Cultures and Sport Science at the University of Basel.
Living in Switzerland she started her freelance career working for the Cathy Sharp Dance EnsembleMarcel Leemannand Edan Gorlicki. She made her first steps as a creator and worked in the field of dance pedagogy. 2013 she co-founded the dance collective Bufo Makmal in Switzerland, where she co-created her first stage pieces. In 2015 she joined the Johannes Wieland Dance Company as a dancer for three years as a full-time member at the Staatstheater Kassel. Since then she worked with choreographers like Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez, Maxine Doyle (Co Director Punch Drunk), Tom Weinberger, Helder Seabra and Luke Murphy. Simultaneously she is doing her own work. The short piece “Almost There” was shown in 2016, followed by her next piece “Silence Is Red” in 2017 and “This is Erol”, a collaboration with Victor Rottier in Kassel, Germany. Since 2018 she is working on a longer project called “The Villager”, a character research that forms the base for her latest pieces “The Visitor” and “The Village”. Currently she is working with Johannes Wieland at Staatstheater Kassel.



web page:

Jesse Obremski presents No Words



No Words is a dance film that has stemmed from the activism on gun control in America. The creation of this work was inspired by the impact of guns in America and asks the viewer to think further on what the next step could be in creating safer communities. The work is a fully collaborative effort between all parties of the team and has an original composition, No Words, created for this film by composer Trevor Bumgarner.


Note from the choreographer: “We, as one community, continually need to reflect on how we relate with one another. “No Words” looks to stimulate a conversation of finding respect and love for each other in a society that can easily desensitize this issue. We can quickly forget the sobering realities of these human experiences, one that may not be our own experiences but one, that still affects many humans today. The conversation begins with us all to address this difficult issue and find moments that promote love and respect for our country, our communities, and one another.”


Title: No Words

Choreographer: Jesse Obremski

Musician: Ariel Horowitz

Musical Mixing: Nathan Prillaman

Original Composition: No Words by Trevor Bumgarner

Videographers and Editors: The Roof Films, Jack Frerer and Liana Kleinman

Lighting Designer: Jesse Obremski

Dancers: Terrence DM Diable and Michael Greenberg

People: Trevor Bumgarner, Leo Hishikawa, Moscelyne ParkeHarrison, Victoria Sames, Mikayla Scaife, Mark Willis, and Scott Willits



Jesse Obremski, a native New Yorker, graduated from LaGuardia High School and The Juilliard School, under the direction of Lawrence Rhodes, and with additional development at The School at Jacob’s Pillow with multiple years at The Ailey School, Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts, and Springboard Danse Montréal. Obremski, an Eagle Scout Rank recipient, Asian American Arts Alliance Jadin Wong Dance Awardee (2016), Interview En Lair’s “Dancer to Watch” (2017), and Dance Magazine’s March 2019 Dancer “On The Rise” has performed with Diversity of Dance, Brian Brooks Moving Company, Kate Weare Company, as a company member with Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, Buglisi Dance Theatre, WHITE WAVE, has performed ensemble, soloist, and principal roles with The Limón Dance Company, and is an Artistic Associate with Gibney Company (2018 Guest Artist, 2019-present). Obremski has had the honor to perform for the Obama family at the inaugural White House Dance Series as well as for the Olympic recognized FINA World Tournament 2019 in South Korea.


Obremski has taught nationally, internationally, and has assisted in the staging of José Limón’s “Missa Brevis” at The Juilliard School from 2015-2018 as well as staged Limón’s solo “Chaconne” on MOVE|NYC| in 2018 and The University of Wyoming in 2019.


Among his 30 works, Obremski’s choreography has been presented nationally and internationally at venues such as The New Prague Dance Festival, Detroit Dance City Festival, Battery Dance Festival, DUMBO Dance Festival (recipient of the DDF 2019 Choreographic Award), The Juilliard School’s Choreographic Honors Showcase, Gibney, The Ailey Citigroup Theater, and he has been commissioned for new creations by The University of Wyoming, Fort Hamilton Joffrey Academy, MOVE|NYC|, and repeatedly by Diversity of Dance, Sacred Heart University, and Brigham Young University.


Obremski founded his company, Obremski/Works, in 2018 as another choreographic outlet which includes an emphasis on dance films. In 2019, his dance film “No Words” was selected and presented by HBO at Lincoln Center through The Dance Films Associations. In 2020, Obremski also founded OUR PATHS to celebrate an empathic culture through Gibney Company’s Moving Towards Justice Fellowship. Obremski also proudly serves on the Board of Diversity of Dance and the Executive Committee of DanceNYC’s Junior Committee.



Aroha Sanyal presents ‘Kuber Kavuttham’



‘Kuber Kavuttham’ is a dance dedicated to Lord Kubera, the Lord of Riches and Wealth. Describing his characteristic features often depicted as a dwarf, with complexion of lotus leaves and a big belly. He is described as having three legs, only eight teeth, one eye, and being adorned with jewels. He is sometimes depicted riding a man.

In Vedic texts, Kubera, a Yaksha (demon), was the king who built the golden city of Lanka in the middle of the southern sea. It is said that he used to travel in his Pushpaka Vimana, a flying palatial vehicle. However, the glorious days of Lanka came to an end when Kubera’s step-brother Ravana, with a boon from Brahma, ousted him. Distressed Kubera left Lanka and settled in Alakapuri near Kailash.


Dance composition by: Udita Roy

Music composition by: S.P. Balasubramaniam

Singer: S.P. Balasubramaniam

Taal- Khandachapu

Raga- Hindolam

Matra- 6



Aroha Sanyal is a beautiful and talented 12 year old student studying BharataNatyam Indian Classical Dance under the guidance of Udita Roy. This is her first international exposure albeit online.

Tony Yap presents ‘Unconditioned’



A pure improvisational piece drawing inspiration from our current situation and experiences.


Dancer: Tony Yap

Music: Ezio Bosso – ‘Unconditioned, Following a Bird’



Born in Malaysia, Yap is an accomplished dancer, director, choreographer and visual artist. Tony Yap is also trained in the Grotowski methodology. Tony was one of the principle performers with IRAA Theatre (1989-1996) and has worked extensively in Australia and overseas including  Agamemnon  Festival Colline Torinese, Italy, and The Trojan WomanVienna International Art Festival. As the founding Artistic director of Mixed Company (now Tony Yap Company) in 1993, he has made a commitment to the exploration and creation of an individual dance theatre language that is informed by psycho-physical research, Asian shamanistic trance dance, Butoh, Voice and Visual design.

For Mixed Company Tony has directed Icarus, Print of a Pulse, Narcissus’ Dream and St SebastianNarcissus’ Dream & Icarus were both nominated in the Best Innovative New Form category for the Melbourne Green Room Awards.

Tony has collaborated with many companies and individual in Australia, Indonesia, Austria, Italy, France, Malaysia, Denmark, China, South Korea and Japan. He danced in an international collaborative work in The Silence of the Forest with Company Lian in Paris and The Night Gardener in Marseille for the Mai-diteranee Festival, France.

Tony has received numerous nominations and awards including his solo work The Decay of the Angel which won him a Green Room Award for Best Male Dancer. Tony received an AsiaLink residential grant to work in Indonesia in 2005. He returned to his place of birth to research into the Malaysian shamanistic trance practice for E1 – Evocation of a Lost Boy.
Tony collaborated on a project at Gwanju, South Korea as part of the prestigious LACM (Little Asia Creators Meeting) and Asia Artplex Performing Arts Collaboration Pilot Project. LACM is a cross-cultural, cross-medium collaborative initiative. The result was RIAU, inspired by the plight of the nomadic sea people of the Riau Islands, Indonesia.

Tony received an Asialink residential grant to work in Indonesia in 2005, and in 2008 he received a prestigious two-year Dance fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts to develop and produce a major body of solo work, The Buddha Body Series, which culminated in the recent work Rasa Sayangpresented in April 2010 in Melbourne to critical acclaim and a sold-out season.  Tony is the founding Creative Director of Melaka Arts and Performance Festival.



Son Yu Joung presents ‘Barem’



Son Yu Joung was invited by the NanYang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore to be a guest choreographer. Barem is simply about hope.


Title: Barem (Hope)

Choreographer: Son Yu Joung


Abigail Ada Desmond

Brandon Tang Wen Kai

Gabriella Gleichenia Gautama

Leow Huey Li

Edina Handali

Pratummes Napaswan

Aloyisus Tan Zheng Jie

Wong Wen Ru

Ou Yang Yi Fan

Sherilyn Choo

Music: Epi by Armand Amar

Lighting Designer: Alvin Chai



Yu Joung is an accomplished professional dancer and choreographer in Classical Korean and Contemporary Dance. Her professional career has seen her in 20 professional dance collaborations and has taken her across the world spanning Seoul, Japan, Europe and the USA. She is now based in Singapore and has been an active participant of the local dance scene. Most recently, her piece “Silentium” won her a prize  at 2017 M1 Open Stage.

She started her career as a proprietor of her own dance academy in Seoul, 2001, nurturing local Korean talent as they pursued placements in the highly competitive tertiary Korean Dance landscape. From 2007, she began lecturing in a number of Seoul universities such as Korea National University of Art and Kookmin University  to develop the next generation of dancers. Now that she is based in Singapore, she has started her own dance company to promote Korean Dance, and to explore new mediums that can integrate other Asian dance forms with Korean modern dance.



Instagram : @syj_dance  @k.culturaldance

Alexey Dmitrenko presents ‘Resonance’



Resonance was commissioned by Meadow Ballet, Malaysia, choreographed by Alexey Dmitrenko that explores movements that create cause and effect in different vibrational multitudes that spur movements. A state of being resonant.


Dance: Resonate

Choreographer: Alexey Dmitrenko

Music: Tazawako By Led Gordon


Beifei Liu

Jasmine Chia

Joey Ren

Trisha Chan

Yifei Liu

Yi Sum Woo

Company: Meadow Ballet Centre

Principal: Doris Chong

Creative Director: Eric Chan

Video Crew: Louis Tan, Rac, Evonne

Editing: Rac

Assistant: Kar Meng



Meadow Ballet Centre was established in 2010, adhering to the teaching mission of “Teach with Love, Learn with the Heart and Dance with Passion”. The school has established itself in educating the RAD ballet syllabus and CSTD Jazz amongst others.

We actively encourage our students to partake in international ballet competitions around the world, in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan.

We are proud to have raised many young talents over the decades. We had Ha Nhi who received a full scholarship from the Dutch National Ballet School. Another talented student, Wen Ru was accepted into the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in Singapore to study modern dance in 2018.





Alexey Dmitrenko is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer rooted in ballet, working in the contemporary field. He studied at The Ballet Academy in Moscow and the Ballet School of Vienna State Opera in Austria. Between 2002 and 2015 he worked for The Oregon Ballet Theatre, Thuringen State Ballet,  Theatre Innsbruck, Theatre St.Gallen and Tanzcompanie Giessen performing works of Marco Goecke, Philip Taylor, Natalia Horecna, Chang Ho Shin, Nils Christi and many others.

As a freelance artiste, he performed for ‘Walk Tanztheater’ (Austria), SK | SK Dance company in Switzerland. His artistic works were seen at ‘TanzArt OstWest’ (Germany), ‘La Montana’ at CC Borges and ‘Le Ponemos Danza’ (Argentina), MAP-festival in Malaysia and ‘Bumi Jawa’ in Indonesia. Alexey Dmitrenko was a co-director of Embodied Arts Bali, while living in Indonesia and nourishing the traditional Arts.



Email: [email protected]

Art Street presents ‘The Dream Wanderers’



“The Dayak Tribes in Borneo have a Tree of Life called the “Kayu Abilau”, which can be climbed by dream-wanderers when they are in a trance or dream state. Once they have climbed this tree, they can talk to APPING, their God of the Forest” Excerpt from “Flower and Tree Magic” by Richard Webster (2008). This interdisciplinary piece is an initiation ceremony into the spiritual mysteries of the “Dream Wanderers” with APPING, the Tree of All Life as their guide in a dream storyline. The work is a retrospective of Ashly Nandong’s travels and journeys abroad as an indigenous tribesmen from Borneo. It tells the tale of rites of passage by young Dayak men who wishes to travel away from their community to test their resolves and seek pastures anew in lands far away. They engage in an initiation rites as they prepare for their journey ahead.


Title: Dream Wanderers

Genre: Interdisciplinary art (dance & performance art)

Location: Kuching, Sarawak


Ashly Nandong (Choreography)

Ezra Tekola (Composition)

Leomuamoko Oel (Storyteller)

Louis Samai (Shaman)

Eddie Jehovah (Gong musician)

Videographer: Charles Rentap Photography



Dream Wanderer (2019) is a interdisciplinary street theatre, dance & performance art project collaboration choreographed by Ashly Nandong – an independent visual & performance arts artist, Kenyah folksong singing, music arrangement and composition by Ezra Tekola – an ethnomusician of the world music band At Adau and a sape Borneo boat lute luthier, storytelling by actor and ethnographer Leomuamoko Oel, Iban chanting and Iban dance by ritual performer Louis Samai, Gong beats by musician Eddie Jahovah – all three of Iban cultural preservation group Suku Menoa.



Email: [email protected]

Michelle Jueney presents ‘Beginnings’



Beginnings is about new discoveries and new experiences. Looking at something you had never seen before or noticed, or even having new perspective. I discovered the most beautiful sunshine that would become my best friend every morning and my days spent in isolation last year. I had missed many things chasing the rush, the pause was welcomed and embraced. It made me appreciate even more what we have always had in abundance but took for granted. I basked in this glorious sunny spot day in and out for my morning class recordings, rehearsals and daily activity till the evenings. The sun, air and wind would energize my being, my body, my life in ways unimaginable giving me boundless bliss.


Dancer: Michelle Jueney

Music: Rakesh Chaurasia (I own no copyrights to the music)

Film: Michelle Jueney





Carnegie Hall, New York
United Nations, New York
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Muscat Film Festival, Oman
Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuff Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-lah, GCB, KStJ the ninth Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia and his Raja Permaisuri Bainun



Honours Award for Intermediate Ballet from The Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing (ISTD) Examinations, UK
Bronze and Silver medals at ULU Ballroom Latin Dance Competitions, UK



In 2013, Michelle Jueney was nominated by Professor Alkis Raftis
and became the first and only Malaysian to become a member
of Counceil International de la Danseuse (CID) UNESCO.
Ambassador for Circular Economy Club, Kuala Lumpur.



BA (Honours) Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.
Certification in Classical Ballet from Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing (ISTD), UK & Royal Academy of Ballet (RAD), UK | Yoga IYIC 150 hours | Pilates instructor



Michelle specialises in Odissi dance, loves music and started articulating movement at a very young age. She got the opportunity to study at the Yamaha School of Music, Malaysia at the age of 3. After not being able to control her love for dance trapped in her living room, her parents decided to start Michelle with Ballet at the age of 6. Michelle grew up on stage performing Ballet since the age of 8 from the Federal Academy of Ballet, Malaysia finishing her examinations under the certification of Imperial Society of Teacher’s of Dancing (ISTD). She had received the Honours award for her Grade 5 Ballet Examinations and moved on to complete her Ballet. Michelle decided to continue her dance journey to Latin American Dancing scoring almost full marks in back-to-back examinations and competed in competitions winning medals while completing her BA (Honours) Degree in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art, UK being 1 of the 2 Malaysians that was selected to get into this top art college. Michelle was also one of the selected 20 design students who was chosen to exhibit her design work at the Saint Martins Gallery in her second year. Upon returning to Malaysia, she continued her dance path at Sutra Dance Theatre, Kuala Lumpur in Odissi, the oldest Indian classical danceform in India whilst assisting the dance company in their design and production work and has never looked back since.



Michelle did her first performance after once a week classes for 8 months in ‘Alarippu to Moksha’ and has toured ‘Spellbound’, ‘Vision of Forever’ and ‘Odissi Stirred’ productions to Austria, Italy, USA (United Nations, Carnegie Hall, Washington DC, Houstan), covering almost the whole of India, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia in the span of 10 years during her time at Sutra Dance Theatre, Kuala Lumpur. Michelle performed her solo at The International Odissi Festival, Rabindra Mandap, India in 2011 to great response. Michelle as a soloist represented Malaysia at the 36th World Dance Congress, Saint Petersburg, Russia, the III International Folklore Festival, Siberia as a jury member and performer and the 38th World Dance Congress, Japan and many more professional dance and music festivals in Greece, Australia and numerous occasions to Japan as a performer and conducted dance workshops.



As an independent artist, Michelle has produced “Rasa Odissi’ a solo program, ‘An Odissi Allure’ an international Odissi dance production, choreographed, directed and worked with live musicians in ‘Navarasa’ with Syd Johann on guitar’, ‘Merah’ with Theban Arumugam on mridangam and Jeffrey Leong on the GuZheng’ and ‘Moonlight in the City with Malaysia’s Jazz Pianist Tay Cher Siang’. Her other credits include participating in The Light in Winter Festival & performing an Odissi solo feature in ‘Duet’, a collaboration with Tim Crafti at DanceHouse, Melbourne, 2013. Her other performances include the Georgetown Festival, Penang, the 4th & 5th Melaka Arts and Performance Festival 2013 & 2014 and the Kuala Lumpur Lunar Street Festival 2013 & 2014 creating new works and collaborating with various international artists to date. Michelle has been exposed to Contemporary dance working with Scarlett Perdereau, London (2009), Battery Dance Company, NY (2010), The Tony Yap Company (performance art), Chunky Move (COUNTERTECHNIQUE), Melbourne (2013) and was the first to organize a CounterTechnique workshop in Malaysia (2014). In 2016, Michelle paid ‘Tribute to Senior Female Dance Pioneer’ in Malaysia, the first being Madam Lee Lee Lan, the first woman to teach ballet in the Klang Valley. Michelle Jueney provided a platform for female dance artistes to showcase their work in ‘She Moves Me’. Then in 2017, she created ‘TarikitaTum’ to chart her journey of how she entered the world of Indian Classical Dance in this unique production working with Joanna Bessey, Malaysia‘s renown theatre actress. Michelle’s latest success is a commissioned work for her to create a dance ‘ IamDurga’ for Lisa Von Tang’s new collection launch, Singapore at the Straits Clan, 2018. This gave rise to another dance opportunity to create a new work for the art exhibition launch of ‘Indian Ocean’ by Shailly Gupta‘s organised by TeaBirdOrganic, Bangsar. In the same year, Michelle made her dreams come true by bringing other Malaysian dancers with her on an international dance tour to Greece giving other Malaysian dancers the opportunity for an international dance tour. In 2019, Michelle Jueney continued her dance journey to Japan and Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. She has most recently appeared on the cover of KL LIFESTYLE magazine and is featured in a 6-page cover story to mark her success as a dancer.



Michelle has appeared on CNN whilst with Sutra Dance Theatre and on her own interviewed and performed live on the most popular programme in Russia called ‘The Morning Show’ in Siberia, Russia, she has been the main feature together with Chef Shearson Lian by ‘OhBulan’, main feature for AirAsia TVC Digital Media for ‘Malaysia Day’ and most recently in 2018 an interview and live performance for NTV7 ‘The Feel Good Show’ and later in the same year their Deepavali segment.



Michelle has a Children’s Education Fund she created (see The KLMovement Fund), has worked with Women‘s Aid Organisation (WAO) giving Yoga classes and as an educator at the Enfiniti Academy’s Outreach Speech & Drama Highly Immersive programme (HIP) to outskirt schools in Pensinsular Malaysia under Yayasan Sime Darby supported by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and recently on her own to India independently teaching at Abhiyan Bharat Foundation who cares for 3 underprivileged schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan.



Michelle currently works as a visionary, ideator, artistic director, dance artiste, choreographer, dance educator, producer and designer. Michelle Jueney is also a certified Yoga IYIC (International Yoga Instructor Course 150 hours) and Pilates instructor. Michelle endeavors to promote the Arts, is an advocate for Dancer’s Protection Rights and will forever be in the blissful state Dance. The KLMovement was established in 2013 by Michelle Jueney for Artistes, the Arts and All.










29th April 2021



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