Lisa Von Tang LVT Fashion Launch, Singapore 2018 - KLMovement
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Lisa Von Tang LVT Fashion Launch, Singapore 2018

About This Project

12&13 June 2018
Performing 20 over times in a period of 2 nights, 4 to 5 hours not including the preparation time.
Grateful for the crowds that came pouring in to support this immersive fashion performing arts project.
Thank you to Lexie Rodriguez and Lisa Von Tang for the creative dance opportunity. I love creating commissioned dance pieces very much and the process of creating for a specific theme I find always very fulfilling creatively as it allows the artist to be in charge of creative opinion, idea and decision for the artist to decide according to the brief “IAmDurga”. I would like to thank Sonali Mohapatra for enlightening me with ‘Durga’ and that allowed the creative juices to flow in my dance composition for this fashion launch performance from her material.
It was a very valiant beautiful idea for this immersive performing arts meets fashion launch held at the Straits Clan, Singapore with Tea Bird Organic involved as well with their special brewed tea created together with Lisa Von Tang. Meeting many other artists of different genres in theatre and personalities and international models you see in magazines in their process of preparing for a fashion show and the different themes and colour in each room and section of this beautiful ‘East meets West’ piece of architectural space which is very in-line with Lisa Von Tang’s brand was new and interesting. Lisa Von Tang is famous for her statement piece jackets which is my personal favourite. You can shop online at her website above.
I hope to do many more commissioned pieces in the future, so do contact me on [email protected]
Lisa Von Tang was also one of the featured designers in the latest top hit movie ‘CrazyRichAsians’ and I am glad to have been a part of Lisa Von Tang’s project. 
Michelle Jueney

12nd & 13rd June 2018

Other Detail

Dance Commissioned Work for Lisa Von Tang - I am Durga


Straits Clan, Singapore



2018, Dance & Live Music Collaboration
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