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Japan 2018

About This Project

Organiser (Agrinio): Madam Erika Akoh and Kan-Ichi Segawa

Location: Atsugi, Japan

Special thanks for the kindness of:
Mohd Shahrizan Maula
Mohd Amin
Supported by: MOTAC

A very local environment and family friendly town, with hot baths they call spas as the Japanese call it, and my first experience of being fully naked with other women in a traditional hot bath club! Atsugi is also where the Ballet school of Madam Erika Akoh is located. This is their hometown. This is my second time to Japan and the first was at Chiba where Disneyland is. This town reminded me of Bruges in Belgium where everyone can walk or cycle and you do not see, well hardly any cars even though they do have proper roads further out. Cobbled stones replaced by rubber lanes, families and children cycle and signal sign languages and are fully independent while toddlers are guided by their teachers going to school and are so obedient and organised in a row as they walk two by two. There are full streets of restaurants, supermarkets, amenities and night-spots all in just a few lanes which you can circle or go up and down in parallel streets, so it is fairly easy to navigate.


Japan even has fully professionally maintained theatres outside central Tokyo. And it is always kept in pristine condition. The theatre here I recall was the best so far I’ve danced at. I always love performing in Japan. It always brings out the best out of my movements and dance. Not to mention the finesse and energy I feed of the environment. And the organisers are completely efficient, professional and totally dedicated to dance and helping dance artistes around the world. Gambateh!


26th May 2018

Other Detail

President: Madam Erika Akoh


Atsugi, Japan



2018, Dance Performance, Dance Production
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