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1.         Underprivileged Theatre Exposure – First to open up 20-40 seats in all my dance productions for underprivileged children from homes to give them exposure and experience of theatre and performing arts.

Outcome – This became a nationwide practice that spread throughout the different disciplines in the performing arts of Malaysia to date. (2013)

2.         Dance for Underprivileged – First to propose to teach dance to underprivileged children from homes under the PKK Tuanku Bainun Children’s Arts Programme

Outcome – The management decided to adopt all their programmes to homes as their new brand and direction to date and produces an annual showcase. (2013)

3.         Underprivileged Education Fund – Created ‘The KLMovement Education Fund’ to bring awareness to practice good moral honest charities, the importance of education for the underprivileged and all children and the practice of financial saving from young.

Outcome – This spurred a charitable nation that sprouted like beans, with almost everyone doing and adopting charity work and efforts into their daily lives, corporate sector CSR increased, establishment of foundations and in schools many programmes supported by funding and better education programmes were created and introduced and scholarships started to increase. (2016)

4.         Outskirt School Programme – Teaching ‘Speech & Drama’ Highly Immersive Programmed (HIP) in outskirt schools across the country working with Enfiniti Academy to provide a more interactive, fun learning environment on the importance of English language, public speaking, building creativity and confidence that has been a success.

Outcome – An increase in better grades in school. Confidence and social skills were better cultivated. Creativity and friendliness increased. (2017 – to date)

5.         Arts in Poverty Abroad – Teaching ‘Arts and Theatre’ in India to 3 underprivileged schools under the Abhiyan Bharat Foundation, Jaipur, Rajasthan was one experience I take with me in my lifetime. A 4 full-day programme with the local teachers participating to even some parents who were so infected with the fun and joy, the kids kept coming back.

Outcome – A showcase from each group on the last day was a joyous celebration and the tools given can be used by the teachers and by students anytime. The long lasting friendship has turned to environmental projects as well something I am active in promoting as the Ambassador for CEC. (2019)


6.         CID UNESCO – First Malaysian to be nominated to become a member of International Dance Council UNESCO (2013)

7.         World Dance Day – Establishing ‘World Dance Day’ in the country (2013)

8.         Dance Certification – Providing the dance certification to students at The KLMovement Academy (2019)

9.         First to represent Malaysia in Saint Petersburg, Russia and to visit the prestigious Vaganova Russian Ballet School (2013)

Outcome – The realisation and education to many ballet dancers and ballet schools about the top world class ballet style and school of the Bolshoi and Kirov and now accessible with the sprouting of ballet schools and establishments, independent companies bringing down ballet shows from this region and more Malaysian ballet dancers who pursue the highest ballet form and more exposure to the schools available overseas in this ballet method.

10.       Women Empowerment and Support – First to officially create the ‘1st All Woman Dance’ platform paying tribute to Women Pioneers and Women in Dance, that impacted the dance industry not only locally but globally.

Outcome – Spurring ‘All Women Empowerment’ events in communities and the workforce from speakers events, to corporate awards, equal pay, to religion for women rights and health, to community support for women, to fitness and most importantly the groundbreaking life changing #metoomovement and ‘Women Equality Pay’ on the global front. Women now support each other. (2016)

11.       On Plagiarism – Created the first non-disclosure non-circumvention form with lawyers and made FREE available for all to download and use in my website to protect dancers, artistes, musicians and all in the Arts from plagiarism of ideas, during submission of proposals and presentations. (2014)

Outcome – This document is to be signed when going for meetings, presentations and submissions of proposals. If the other party does not wish to do so, you might want to reconsider presenting to this body.

12.       Ambassador for CEC – Being a nature lover and dance that is embedded in the nature and natural environment, my voice about recycling and the environment has now been put to better use on a wider global platform on single-use plastics, circular economy, waste management and pollution. (2019)

Outcome – The CEC concept is adopting the lifestyle to extend the lifeline of one single product before discarding. Like a competition to see how long you can use and re-use that one utensil or tupperware before you throw it out. Encouraging using stainless steel and non-plastic products. It lasts a lifetime. This reduces waste, stops the use of plastics that is contributing to a danger point in the environment every second that is affecting lives of many people especially in poor countries and babies as they are more susceptive to pollution. Currently, I use social media to bring awareness and this seems to reach out more.